Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Unusual but great

All I can say is wow - this is the Big Yin Suite at the Glasgow Malmaison

That tartan bath is in the lounge and has colour changing lights underneath it in the stones and a stand for a champagne bucket behind it.

Don't know why but am a sucker for a posh bathroom and boy was that gorgeous to the right of the twin sinks were twin showers :cP and lots of stuff amazingly fell into my bag on the way out - unfortunately the hangover cures were rubbish lol!

I don't remember climbing up into the bed but it was huge although OH still managed to elbow me in the eye in the night - so that's the official reason I had the headache from hell Sunday morning or it could have been the nibbles at the bar as it couldn't possibly have been the countreau, champagne or whisky. definitely wasn't the meal as I didn't have one as OH had to put me to bed lol! For some daft reason the room was cheaper if you booked it with a whisky tasting session. 7 shots of whisky on an empty stomach is not to be recommended although it was very MSE as we saved on the room and on dinner ROFL!

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Rainmac said...

Looks gorgeous!!!

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