Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Stash with your weekly shop!

I picked these up in Tesco of all places:
Wheel of inkpads £4 - they come out individually so I'm sure to get in a right mess.
Stickers £3 - a couple of big alphabets, a couple of small alphabets and some mixed stickers.
Test tube embellishments £2.50 - butterfly beads, heart gems, mini safety pins, sparkly beads and flower sequins.

They also had packs of paper in the same range in 2 sizes. the small one was £2.50 with really cute flower designs and coordinating plain ones. Unfortunately when I opened it they were all shiny paper so will do for DD and it's gone in her Easter basket as I couldn't be bothered to take it back and know she'll love it.


flourgirl said...

WOW!! that seems like a good bargain. Did you get them from the Tesco near the football ground?

Mhaggie said...

every little helps!
clubcard points too...what a bonus!

cazsmum said...

What a coincidence - I visited Tesco today for the first time in months - they didn't have those things though. I picked up some A4 card (40 sheets for £3) in pastel colours, and a pack in black and white. They did have more things, just not what you have :(
Great find x

Padster said...

I got them from the one that's kind of in Grimsby town centre on my way to work the other morning was actually looking for reduced mother's day stuff!

Ho hum!

melissa75 said...

What fab bargains!!

Gemma said...

what a great find, I was in a huge tesco once and picked up some lovely peel off's of all things! xx

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