Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Not quite so ugly now

You can't really see the smaller 2 here as big bro was sat on top of them but at least they're getting feathers now.

I picked him up and moved him so you can see him on his own the yellow blur is his mum seeing what I was up to.

Definitely getting a bit cuter but a way to go as yet


Chocolate Orange said...

Ooooh they look much more like budgies now :O) At least Luke and Ben might believe me now lol... Thanks for posting a pic of them ( Hope mum didnt mind too much ) xx

Rainmac said...

Oh my goodness, how they've changed, starting to look cute now!!!

Mandy said... cute is he.
We used to have an anvery when I was growing up at home...everything from budgies and canaries to chickens and ducks and alwasy loved it when it was baby time. Its so great for the kids to see

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