Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I couldn't leave out

My boys. Am sure they're not all boys but that's what we call them although the big ones have names.

In the top picture we have Simba, Gandalf, not sure who the half hidden orange one is, Frodo and Elvis.

The bottom picture is Gandalf again, can't remember what DD called the ornage one and the big fat blue one is Bob. The small ones are 2 of the ones that were part of our wedding table centrepieces. We also have one called Harry Potter who was a wedding present who lookes like he is wearing glasses, Skeletor who is black and white and Mossad who is black and gold and is an Israeli koi.

They live in a 4m x 5m pond in the garden that I dug and OH supervised (he did work the wheelbarrow though) that was a very long week and he had to haul me out by the arms as it is shoulder high.

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