Wednesday, 1 April 2009

By Popular Request......................

The MSE girls have pestered me to post a picture of my grandbudgies so here they are.
DD insisted that Colin also had a starring role so here she is holding him. We have a habit of breeding special needs budgies and Colin fell out of the nest box and had a run in with his dad so he can't grow proper tail feathers and can't fly very far but he does a wicked glide. He's also the only really tame one.

The biggest baby was born Saturday night and the little one was Monday night so you can see how much they grow! The eggs are about 2 cms long to give you an idea of size.

No way are they cute they're pink ugly squeaky things - lol!


PinkLadyMel said...

OMG that is so weird they are adorable!! I am slightly freaked out by how small and fragile they are. Congrats xx

K said...

Awww, they ARE soooooo cute!
Please, please, please call one Harry after Harry Hill, I can just see one dressed up in a suit with a HUGE white collar!!

Rainmac said...

They are very cute, wasn't expecting them to look so fragile, bless them!

Mhaggie said...

Cyber Auntie Mhags here.....lots of love to my little baby budgies...they are so beautiful!

well...would you rather I told the truth?

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