Thursday, 30 April 2009

Budgie watch!

They're beginning to look like proper birds now!

In fact Thrifty has hopped right over there now. He or she is very cute now but doesn't half nip - lol

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Creative Card Crew Challenge - Sketch it!

Back in my comfort zone girly and fluffy.
Rubber Stampede sweet bunny stamp was stamped in purple, embossed then cut out a circle with scallop scissors (I'm left handed so it's inverted lol) and chalked the bunny and the edges.
Papers are Papermania Inspirations Warm tones finished off with Anitas ribbon a brad and some Making Memories buttons that I've had for 3 years and not used.

It's a 50th card for a workmate so added a tiny silver 50 peeloff in the hope she doesn't notice until she gets home.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Padster tries............something new!

I've had a set of watercolour pencils for about 6 months and they've not been out of the box!

As a treat for doing my ironing I decided to have a play. I even used a brown inkpad and gold embossing powder for a change.

I also tried ATCs for the first time - I can see why they're good for using up scraps of card as I truffled out my offcuts and most of them were too big - LOL! I can't post pics as they are for a swap on Crafty Place and I don't want my lucky swappee to be disappointed. Really not sure about making these but will have another go.

Creative Card Crew Circles Challenge Mark I

This was the first attempt after I had scoured the kitchen for templates for circles. The biggest one is a CD that fits perfectly on a 5 1/2 inch card blank. Papers are Papermania Sweet Nothings and embellishments were free with a recent copy of the do-crafts magaziine.

Creative Card Crew Circles Challenge Mark II

I made a second card for the circles challenge while I had the templates I raided from the kitchen out. Card was a bit I have had for 2 years that I never thought would match with anything but goes well with the Dovecraft papers. Stamp is from Dimension Fourth stamped in brown and then embossed.

MSE Water card challenge

Water link is a bit dodgy here but it's there sort of!

This took me about 3 hours as I just couldn't get the sky or the sun right but at least I used a grass stamp that I found lurking in my stamp drawers (think it was freebie from a card fayre) I also found a tiny teddy and miniscule mobile phone.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Budgie watch update

Thrifty, Gifty and Money Neutral are looking far more like birds now - I struggled to keep them in the box while OH was changing their bed this afternoon. The little one kept trying to escape and then the big one bit me on that flap of skin between my thumb and index finger (wonder who's looking at their hand now - lol!)

From the mess came...........

my first ever scrapbook pages.

I absolutely love the one of my bridesmaids, the papermania xmas papers matched the colour of their dresses exactly.

The 3 layouts took me 5 hours and another hour to tidy up afterwards. Was a bit frightened to start off with as the page looked huge - lol!

Padster makes............ a mess!

I had the day off yesterday and decided to treat myself to some crafting.

Unfortunately the spare room isn't big enough to actually make anything in so after running up and down the stairs loads of times this was the result.............

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Yay first award!

Thank you for my first blog award!

I've not been very crafty in the last week as we have been garden clearing and have just spent the last hour trying to remove thorns from my fingers!

I'm passing this on to:
Choccy Orange
Melissa 75
and Rainmac.

I have 2 days off next week so will try and get some cards done as I have loads of birthdays in May.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Creative Card Crew Challenge 6 - Black and white

This is my entry for the latest Creative Card crew challenge.

Paper is from the Dovecraft Charcoal pack. The rubber stamp is a Papermania one I got reduced at The Range yesterday. I stamped and embossed it but was a bit disappointed the image looks a bit grey and actually says birthday on the band across the middle although it doesn't show well in the picture. Will have to invest in some black embossing powder (any excuse).

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Not quite so ugly now

You can't really see the smaller 2 here as big bro was sat on top of them but at least they're getting feathers now.

I picked him up and moved him so you can see him on his own the yellow blur is his mum seeing what I was up to.

Definitely getting a bit cuter but a way to go as yet

Unusual but great

All I can say is wow - this is the Big Yin Suite at the Glasgow Malmaison

That tartan bath is in the lounge and has colour changing lights underneath it in the stones and a stand for a champagne bucket behind it.

Don't know why but am a sucker for a posh bathroom and boy was that gorgeous to the right of the twin sinks were twin showers :cP and lots of stuff amazingly fell into my bag on the way out - unfortunately the hangover cures were rubbish lol!

I don't remember climbing up into the bed but it was huge although OH still managed to elbow me in the eye in the night - so that's the official reason I had the headache from hell Sunday morning or it could have been the nibbles at the bar as it couldn't possibly have been the countreau, champagne or whisky. definitely wasn't the meal as I didn't have one as OH had to put me to bed lol! For some daft reason the room was cheaper if you booked it with a whisky tasting session. 7 shots of whisky on an empty stomach is not to be recommended although it was very MSE as we saved on the room and on dinner ROFL!

Bag Lady sees triple

Just in case you thought I hadn't been doing anything :cP

These ones have handles with pearl beads on them - they don't show all that well on the picture though.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

MSE credit crunch cards

The red one is for DD's dad his birthday is Friday so guess it will be late. I asked DD to make it during the day while I was at work but she didn't have any ideas - lol!

Red card offcut of A4 sheet - 5p
Spotty and plain black card - 4p
Brads - 4p
Dandelion and sentiment sticker - free with docrafts magazine
Envelope pinched from DD
Total = 13p!

Pink one is for an old next door neighbour and was a real bargain.
Card offcut from card used for matchbook - 3p
Backing card one of DD's birthday cards - free
Pink flowers wrapping from Galaxy bar punched out - free and yum - lol
Eyelets 3p
Sentiment - free with docrafts magazine
Envelope from manky xmas cards given to DD - free
Total = 6p!!!

Bag Lady gets Bigger!

This one's mine all mine. Was really fed up at the weekend as OH had blagged a free ticket to Aintree so decided to treat myself.

It's a good bit bigger than the others I've done and stitching all the ends in was a nightmare - lol.
I used it today for the first time and it holds everything apart from my lunch!!

I also got orders for 2 more black bags today and have 3 that just need stitching up before they wing their way off to Newcastle.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Budgie Watch Update

Two became three yesterday you can see how tiny the last one is and how much the biggest one has grown in just a few days.

Still bald and ugly though!!!!!

Poundshop stash bargains

Picked these up in the pound shop this morning were originally for DD but when I looked at the felt tip pens they are actually dual tipped pigment markers that are acid free and photo safe.

Had to try them out so stamped the bunnies one is blue the other one purple and came out really clearly and the stamp wiped clean with a baby wipe with no probs at all. What a bargain!!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bag Lady gets carried away.

Or maybe I should be. My last lots of eBay bargain yarn arrived today and knew I had a problem when I couldn't get it all into the bag!

OH is away tonight so took the chance to record it so I can just look on here rather than spend hours rummaging - lol

I also stocked up on bangles as well and must not buy any more until I have used some of these (I do have an order for a purple one so that's an exception). I didn't realise there was so much choice of beautiful fluffy yarn. I also have lots of black as it seems very popular!

If anyone feels the need for a bag let me know - LOL! I've inquired about a local craft sale and am waiting for a reply.

Stash with your weekly shop!

I picked these up in Tesco of all places:
Wheel of inkpads £4 - they come out individually so I'm sure to get in a right mess.
Stickers £3 - a couple of big alphabets, a couple of small alphabets and some mixed stickers.
Test tube embellishments £2.50 - butterfly beads, heart gems, mini safety pins, sparkly beads and flower sequins.

They also had packs of paper in the same range in 2 sizes. the small one was £2.50 with really cute flower designs and coordinating plain ones. Unfortunately when I opened it they were all shiny paper so will do for DD and it's gone in her Easter basket as I couldn't be bothered to take it back and know she'll love it.

I couldn't leave out

My boys. Am sure they're not all boys but that's what we call them although the big ones have names.

In the top picture we have Simba, Gandalf, not sure who the half hidden orange one is, Frodo and Elvis.

The bottom picture is Gandalf again, can't remember what DD called the ornage one and the big fat blue one is Bob. The small ones are 2 of the ones that were part of our wedding table centrepieces. We also have one called Harry Potter who was a wedding present who lookes like he is wearing glasses, Skeletor who is black and white and Mossad who is black and gold and is an Israeli koi.

They live in a 4m x 5m pond in the garden that I dug and OH supervised (he did work the wheelbarrow though) that was a very long week and he had to haul me out by the arms as it is shoulder high.

By Popular Request......................

The MSE girls have pestered me to post a picture of my grandbudgies so here they are.
DD insisted that Colin also had a starring role so here she is holding him. We have a habit of breeding special needs budgies and Colin fell out of the nest box and had a run in with his dad so he can't grow proper tail feathers and can't fly very far but he does a wicked glide. He's also the only really tame one.

The biggest baby was born Saturday night and the little one was Monday night so you can see how much they grow! The eggs are about 2 cms long to give you an idea of size.

No way are they cute they're pink ugly squeaky things - lol!
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