Saturday, 26 January 2013

Boys Cards

I'm still being a rubbish blogger - to be honest I have better things to do than sit here typing up blog posts and fighting to get my photos to upload. I'd much rather be making things - plus I have a craft fair booked for the beginning of March and I'm not allowed to take any cards gulp!

I haven't been keeping up with reader either so apologies to everyone who hasn't had any comments from me in eons - I will charge my Playbook and keep up with them on there as it's much quicker

Anyhoo a few stinky boys cards that I've made - unlike most people I like making boys cards and struggle with all things pink and frilly **grin**


Rhona said...

Cards look great! Good luck with the craft fair....what are you going to take?

Sarah said...

Fab cards for men. I too am being a rubbish blogger. I'm getting some stuff onto mine but don't have the time to look at everyone else's blogs :-(

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