Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sympathy Card

Didn't know what to say so made this card for a friend who recently lost her son.


Chrissy said...

Don't you think it strange, if a friends cat gets run over, we say, I'm so sorry...or if they hurt themselves, we say I'm so sorry, if there is anything you need give me a holler..we tell peeps to get well, I love you, all easy to say at all these times...but, I'm with you here...the hardest times to use any of these words are upon death, especially a child.. no matter what age..but you have made her an adorable card, and hopefully give her a glimmer of a smile,and may make things easier for her..


dragonllew said...

A lovely card Debbie I'm sure it was well recieved.
Jenny x

Sarah said...

Perfect card x

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