Friday, 26 October 2012

Christmas Decorations

Firstly a huge wave to all my new followers - thanks for joining me

 I've been doing some Christmas stitching in the hope of getting some stock for the fairs I'm doing in November

I really have no idea what will sell but am kind of (as I'm really shy IRL) looking forward to the experience!


Claire Boelema said...

These are fabulous. I would imagine that they will fly out. x

tilly said...

these are lovely, I would buy them all lol

*Jellie* said...

These are wonderful- I'm sure you are going to have fun at the fairs! I'm trying to imagine you as shy- you don't seem it at all here!

dragonllew said...

These look fab I'm sure they will sell good luck for your fair, I'm doing my first stall in a couple of weeks not got anything to put on it yet guess I'm going to be busy lol
Jenny x

Sarah said...

As you know I LOVE these and think they will sell really well xxx

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