Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Promarker Storage

I've had my few (cough) Promarkers in a vanity case for a while but it only had 3 sections so was driving me mad every time I had to fish about for a particular colour - greys were a nightmare.

Not any more!!!???!!!
These are 4x4 inch cardboard packing boxes from eBay at the extortionate price of £3.25 for 10.
You can't really see from the picture but I've added diagonal strips of mountboard to divide each one in 2

I can't decide what to decorate them with although I did find this when I went to pick up a couple of skeins of embroidery thread to finish off the nightmare gingham border on my grandbaby's birth sampler - ever wish you'd not started something.........

Don't forget the Teddy Bo blog hop here
A big wave to all my new followers - I know you're really here for the bears but I hope you'll stick around :c)

Furry Hugs
Debbie xx 


Maria said...

Wonderful idea Debbie!

Maria B.

Sarah said...

Fab idea Debbie, mine are in a Really Useful Box that isn't all that useful as I have to search for a pen each time, need to seperate them more like you have x

Jennie said...

That's an awesome idea debbie!
I could do with these for my colouring pencils!


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