Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Happy Wednesday

No make from me today am still trying to complete the gingham border on grandbaby's birth sampler.
It's very effective but boring as hell to stitch.

The Teddy Bo DT keeping teasing me about flowers - I love flowers but don't use them on my cards very often but only because I'm absolutely hopeless with glue so unless I kept my cards laid down I just wouldn't be able to get them to stay put.

Any recommendations for what works well???
Off to pick up my car after it's MOT only a mile walk...............

Debbie xx


Chrissy said...

Well Debbie, I use flowers and have tried many ways to stick the little suckers a treat, just keep your fingers away when it is dripping and you will be fine, no getting them off after that treatment...


Sandy said...

I usually use glue dots, but sometimes they come off - good tip about the hot glue gun.
Your piccy of flowers is lovely - hope they were yours to enjoy!

Ali said...

Hi Padster, thanks for the advice re the cross stitch xx(you are too kind re my colouring - lol ) xx

Sarah said...

I use cheap n cheerful Anita's tacky glue, works a treat, just need to hold the flower down for a few seconds to make sure it is attached.

Jill said...

Your flowers looks gorgeous Debbie and I promise I wont tease you again about the flowers on your cards! ;)
Your cards are wonderful with or without flowers!!
I use glossy accent to fasten my flowers,works perfect :)
Have a nice evening sweets and thank you so much for the calendars and the sweet flowery card!! I can't wait for my free weekend when I can have a little play. You are so kind!

Rosietoes said...

Debbie get yourself a bottle of Crafter's Pick 'Incredibly Tacky' glue from Wild Orchid Crafts. I swear it's the best glue in the world for sticking down flowers and I use it all the time. :)

Edna x

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