Monday, 10 October 2011


I had to get myself an extra tax disc holder for my staff parking permit and decided to decorate it in the hope that hubby would refuse to drive my car.

Failed dismally although he refuses to be seen carrying the keys as they have Eeyore and patchwork heart and my name dangling off them - he hands them to me before he gets out.

The stamps is Jellybean by whimsy stamps, paper is First Edition Up Up and Away and I used my birthday picot circles dies :c)


dragonllew said...

What a great idea love the image so cute.
Jenny x

Ali said...

Lovely xxxx ( hope you had a nice birthday)

Sarah said...

Beautiful! What a fab idea, you are so creative Debbie. Hope you had a fab birthday xxx

Happy Days said...

Absolutely beautiful. x

FairyD said... idea honey...might need to 'half inch' it?!?!??! Is that okay?!?!?!!? ;o)

Mad-Frog said...

What a good idea! My OH is so blind he probably wouldn't notice, it looks great

Karen said...

Awe this is soooo cute. I love the die cut circle.

I want flowers on my car to stop my DH driving it!!

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