Saturday, 22 October 2011

Late again!

It's been a bit of a traumatic week at Padster Towers. Mainly involving men hammers and lots of paint!!!
Much as I accept it needs doing I feel uncomfortable when there are strangers in the house and have been permanently on edge.

This was my Clean and Simple card for Friday over at the Teddy Bo challenge. I had all intentions of posting it but when hubby drove back from Scotland last night then told me he was off again this morning and wasn't sure if he would get back next weekend, we went out for tea and bears went right out of my head.


Claire said...

Adorable card Debbie. Love it. Hugs, Claire x

Sarah said...

Gorgeous cute card Debbie. Hope all the men have gone and hope you enjoyed your tea with your OH x

Karen said...

Super cute teddy bo card. Im suprised you can find time to craft with everything going on.Hope you have a nice relaxing day tomorrow xx

Happy Days said...

Really cute card. Sounds like you like builders and decorators about as much I do!! xx

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