Saturday, 12 February 2011

Secretly Squirrelled Stash

I have of course had this stash for ages if OH asks lol!
Funky Kits - top row plus Spring Emma & Trevor (both with 25% off)
Bunny Zoes - Bildmalarna
Ordered Weds & Thurs - Delivered Fri & Sat (gold stars lol!)

And from Crafty Emma most of these were pre-order so I had to wait a little while. The sentiment stamps are Hero Arts my absolute fave company for sentiments ever lol!

PS I am not responsible for any spending this post may encourage :c)


Clairebears said...

Your secrets safe with me ;0)
I just got caught out and had to come clean lol!
Oppps he he he x

Addams said...

Lovely stash, have fun playing with it!

Rainmac said...

Gorgeous stash! I ordered 2 of those paper packs but shhhh, keep quiet to my OH ;-)

Rebekah said...

Lol I already spen £50 fri night when I got paid ooops didn't say that! hugs Rebekah xx

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