Friday, 25 June 2010

Blog Award!

I've received this award from both Sam and Gemma and have only just got round to a bit of creative writing.
Hmmmmmmmmmm do I write 6 truths or 6 lies - you decide...........
1. I've swum in the dead sea
2. I tap danced with Roy Castle
3. I love cleaning the bath
4. I served Emu and Rod Hull burger & chips

5. I cut my leg open jumping a 6 inch high railing
6. I spent 6 weeks in plaster but never actually broke my arm
7. I've used the cat as a duster

Now I'm supposed to pass this onto 7 blogging friends but I think a lot of you have had it already so:
here you go!!! 


Rainmac said...

Right, I reckon you haven't used your cat as a duster (but may have thought about it!) and the rest are truths x

PepPop said...

LOL at you using the cat as a duster. In a weird way I'm hoping that that is true (although if I tried it with my two I'd lose an arm - they're fiesty). It would be revenge for all the fur balls and fluff from them casting. Jaqui x

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