Saturday, 27 March 2010

Why do children grow?

My not so small child had literally outgrown her bed as she was hitting her head on the sloping ceiling every time she sat up lol!

Todays job was emptying her room to destroy the bed and put the new one in. This was before.............
All this came out of it and I was having a small panic that it wouldn't all go back in without the cupboard under the bed. Fortunately the storage under the new bed swallowed most of it lol!

After 30 minutes of trying there was no way the new one was going through the door at the bottom of the stairs with enough room to turn it so it had to come in through the spare room window - fortunately they are tilt and turn so I lent out to grab it while my husband balanced it on his head and climbed the step ladders (yes it is like Fawlty Towers here at times).

We now magically have a new room and no we didn't build an extension today as well. She was so excited to have a proper bed that when her friend asked her if she wanted to sleep over tonight she was out the door in 10 mins. Still least I have somewhere to go if his snoring keeps me awake LOL!


Antonia said...

sounds like fun!!!, pity you did not have another pair of hands to photograph "hubby with bed up ladder". x

Rainmac said...

Sounds like great fun!!!

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