Monday, 8 March 2010

My Baby is 10!!!

Sometimes I wonder where my life is going. Especially when I realised it's the 8th March already. DD decided she wanted a "proper" birthday cake this year as she was going to be double digits lol! As I'm not the best chef in the world she thought her friends would be safe with pizza and chips with jelly, ice cream, marshmallows and sprinkles to follow.
The cute bunny bags are from the works - one of her friends asked if I'd made them - I wish! I threw in a headband, a couple of bangles and shared out most of a bag of sweets from the £1 shop each. Abby decided that she really liked the pink headband best despite hating pink so guess who had to run back in Azuri on the way to work on Friday morning!

Her dad bought her a mobile phone - blue of course and we bought her some wii games plus I'll take her shopping in the Easter holidays as she's grown out of her trousers again. Everyone else gave her money wonder if I can convince her to buy some craft stash for us to share?


The Wife said...

Yummy cake and a cute bag with prezzies make a brilliant party, I bet everyone enjoyed it

Thriftyscotslass said...

Lovely Me to You cake and gorgeous goody bag :-)

Rainmac said...

Sounds like your DD had a brilliant birthday!!!

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