Thursday, 25 February 2010

This Time Last Week.................

I was warm lol!

We had a fabulous time and it's soooo great to be back not!
The hotel wasn't the best choice - although it was a lovely place it was inhabited mostly by Brits who go to the same place every year for several weeks so we weren't part of the in crowd (plus about 20 years younger!)

Unfortunately we had to spend most of the time on the beach at one of the beach shacksDD made a friend (yes they have half buried him)
While I relaxed and enjoyed the dreadful view.



The Wife said...

Phew! Must have been a real trial to look at that beautiful view everyday.

furrypig said...

Welcome back looks amazing just how I remember Goa from20 years ago!

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Looks amazing, you lucky girl! hugs Val xxx

PepPop said...

That looks like a total hardship for you LOL. Fantastic pics and NO I'M NOT JEALOUS! Jaqui x

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