Friday, 8 January 2010

More snow!

I'm so fed up with this white stuff! After braving it to the shops yesterday my husband took pity on me and offered to drive me to work and even agreed to pick me up again!- glad he did as it was a tad slippery.
It started snowing on the way back and was throwing it down at school chucking out time - how does the weather manage to do it???
Has been a lot warmer here today checked mother in law was ok and they've been iced in for 2 weeks, it was -12 at 4 in the afternoon and they don't even live in the sticks!


IraSmir said...

Perfectly! As in Russia! It is possible to mould the Snowman and to play snowballs

furrypig said...

lovely snowy pics padster i braved the elements and took an hour to walk to work very slippy underfoot but luckily got a lift home!

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