Thursday, 21 January 2010

Easel Box Instructions

Rainmac has asked for some instructions for the Easel card box so here you go!

These sizes will make a 4 x4 inch box with a depth of an inch and a lid depth of 1/2 an inch

Cut a 6x6 square for the box base and a 5 and a little bit square for the lid.
For the easel cut a 4x4 square and a 4x8 rectangle

Score an inch from the edge on the box base on each side and half an inch on the lid.
Score the rectangle at 2 inches and 4 inches and crease to make the easel card support.

Cut a triangle as per pic out of each corner so it folds up into a box shape.

Decorate and assemble the easel card

Decorate the sides of the box (it's easier when it's flat) - I've only done the top but it's up to you and stick the base of the easel card onto the top of the box - I used DST but you could glue it.

Make up the box using glue of choice on the little flappy bits and put the lid on - it will be slightly bigger than the base
See post below for finished item


furrypig said...

ooh will have to study this more to see if I can actually make one! thanks for all the fab pics and tips!

Rainmac said...

Thank you loads going to have a play over the weekend xxx

Thriftyscotslass said...

Thanks Padster - you're a star!!

sh3ri3 said...

looks amazing, added to the list of things to try! thanks for sharing Xx

Myzdamena's World said...

Ooh goodness that looks really effective but I'd mess it up even with your excellent instructions lol... so I'll admire yours :)


Rusty said...

Eeek think I will give this one a skip!! I am not very good at following instructions! Beautiful though! x

K said...

Thanks for the instructions, its a great idea to do card & box, shall definately have to try making one of these :)

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