Monday, 2 July 2012

Book to Read

If you like policy murdery thrillery type then you should read this.
I refused to put it down until I'd finished it last night much to hubby's disgust as I ignored him.

I just realised I hadn't mentioned any books for a while probably coz I've been reading several out of a Cornish Family saga by Kate Tremayne all called Loveday _________ something. I enjoyed them as they're in the same kind of vein as E.V.Thompson the one in the pic is Loveday 11.

Bookmarked Hugs
Debbie xx

1 comment:

Ali said...

Hmmmm the top book could be good for hubby - I think hes looking for something new as all the Stephen Baldacci and Jack Reacher books have been read. Are you not tempted with the 50 shades phenomenon??? p.s. we are sat on the back near the first bend - we cant see ourselves :-(

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