Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's D'Arcy Day

Unfortunately things just didn't go to plan here yesterday and I haven't got anything D'Arcy to share with you.
It was a day of chasing up and sorting out and I ended up really wound up by about 2pm. When I'm like that I turn into the Duracell bunny and am completely unable to sit still or concentrate so nowt got made.
Tall child is also on holidays at the moment - I wonder if it's wrong to wish your child still needed an afternoon nap??? And her going to bed at 7:30 would be fabulous - sadly neither of these things happen at the great age 12 so my ears are very tired bless her LOL!

I do have some stitching to share - this will be cushion number 2 for my new craft room if we ever get our house paperwork all tied up and sorted - don't get me started again :0)

 Frazzled hugs
Debbie xx

PS if you get a chance to see The Hunger Games it's brilliant kind of the Running Man meets Underworld meets something I can't think of at the moment

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Gorgeous stitching, hope everything gets sorted really soon xxx

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