Saturday, 3 December 2011

Must get my @ss in gear

Can you hear that? should be the sound of cards being written and envelopes licked or not :c)
Love these cards - 20 for one of your English pounds from Lidl and they're not at all wobbly.

Tall child has gone to her friend's dad's birthday party and is sleeping over. Hubby is being part of the security at Ibrox for the Rangers Dunfermline game so I am a sad lady with only a cat to talk to - NOT!!!!

This is the card I made for Abby to take with her using scrabble type tiles from Fuzzimo, the paper is Teddy Bo & Co and buttons from stash. I've put a support on the bottom of the stepper bit of the card so it doesn't do bambi legs lol! Oddly enough he is going to be 40 and the tile values add up to that.................... weird!!!???!!!


Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi What a bargain on the cards they look okay ! Love your scrabble card and yes how weird is that !! spooky stuff lol Kitty ;0)

Sarah said...

Love the scrabble card x

dragonllew said...

Fab card love the fact the tiles add up to his age.
Jenny x

Marg said...

Clever idea for a man's card. x

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