Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags

One of the benefits of being gainfully unemployed is having a little more time on my hands for making things.
One of the things I had missed living here was having no room for my sewing machine but as the 3rd bedroom has been converted into my craft space I've been able to get it out.

This may be an advance warning of lots of fabric projects in the new year


Claire said...

These are all lovely. Hugs, Claire x

Sarah said...

These are fab, you are so clever, love the little WTP bags x

Happy Days said...

Yay - more fabric projects :D I'll be stalking you even more closely now cos I have a new shiney machine that needs some inspiration!!! Fantastic bags and don't think you'll be unemployed if peeps catch a glimpse of these bags. xx

The Wife said...

I love these bags and isn't Winnie cutest thing!

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