Friday, 3 December 2010

There's snow business like this horrible white stuff

The top one is our front garden on Wednesday (can't get my caption in the right place lol!)
The second was my evidence for not being able to drive into work this morning - shovel anyone??? 

 The lump under the washing line is actually our neighbours Vauxhall Corsa
 This is from the front bedroom and the one below is this morning's icicles they are about 4 times as long now. Fingers crossed our guttering will stay where it's supposed to - we can't even encourage it off as it's frozen solid
 Stay safe in this nasty weather


artydoll said...

Woooooo,you are having some bad snow,it looks pretty on a Christmas card,but it sure stops you going out,lol.
I'm going stir crazy,cant even get up to our local post office to draw this weeks pension,I dont want a fall .
Keep safe.

Dawn said...

Gosh Debbie, so pretty & yet a nightmare at the same time.

PepPop said...

Glad it's gone and all these weather reports can get lost - don't want it back!!! Jaqui x

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