Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another Creation

This jacket type thingy has been a work in progress for what seems like ages!

Finally finished it last night after spending what felt like all weekend picking up stitches round the front. It has more shape when it's on fortunately.

What else have I done?
Made a box for the mini scrapbook
Restitched the neck seam on DD's school coat as she detached the hood "catching it on a twig" hmmmm
Knitted her a pair of gloves to take on her first overnight school trip - yay!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tidy - but for how long!

I should have known that the rumblings in the spare bedroom would mean disaster. The plastic thingys holding up the shelves finally gave up the ghost and they all slid on top of each other.

I asked OH to fix them at the weekend but got the standard male shake of the head and intake of breath - lol! He went away muttering about having to go out and but some new ones when I remembered a spare set lurking in the garage.

Everything is now organised with rubber stamps, embellishments, ribbons and papers in the sets of drawers and everything else on the shelves. I've also managed to move the stuff that was living in the kitchen cupboard and on the bookshelves in the dining room.

I had a flick through my 6x6 papers but stopped counting when I got to 1000 sheets - must really start using some of them. Was surprised there is still some space left on the shelves but will not be buying any more for a while - ok so who am I kidding?

I was going to take some pictures of the other side of the room but the bunk beds are completely full of wool, spare pillows, piles of things to eBay and DD's birthday presents - there are also boxes of presents for during the year under the bed - will tidy it up a bit eventually.....................

2 more baskets

The one on the left is for my mum for Mother's day - from recycling some unwanted pressies and getting the bubble bath on a 3 for 2 the total cost was £3 for the 3 hardback books at the back another bargain from The Works.

The one on the right is for DD's soon to be step mother - my ex always insists that she gets something for her birthday otherwise she gets uptight. Made from bargains from Boots - a Botanics set reduced to £1.95 BOGOF hair stuff and the infamous ROC wipes - came in at half my £10 budget!

Baskets are just random boxes covered with Papermania papers - fortunately I wrapped these before the cello ran out as I need to deliver them at the weekend.

Finished Basket

This gift basket goes with the wedding scrapbook - I bet you can't guess the colour theme for the wedding?

Most of the bits and pieces were in a box under the spare bed that I'd picked up just in case - the wine and chocolates came from a Valentines day deal in Tesco.

Unfortunately I've run out of cellophane to wrap it - unrolled my last bit and found it was only 6 inches long!

Mini Wedding Scrapbook

I've been plucking up the courage to start a scrapbook for my own wedding so decided to start small and work my way up!

Valentine's box

A post on the MSE forum reminded me that I had these box templates lurking in my stash so decided to decorate one for OH's Valentine's card

Recent work

Hello and welcome

I'm new to all this so you will have to bear with me.

I've been crafting in various shapes and forms for a number of years and have now decided to keep a record of my work. I'm really here as a result of the MSE Thrifty Gifty Girls thread so I don't jam up the thread with my random ramblings!
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