Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Happy Birthday DD!

Today is DD's birthday - I really don't know where the time has gone!

She wanted a tower of flapjacks instead of a normal cake - I was supposed to have the loan of a cake stand from a friend but she forgot it so had to use the left over bowls from the jelly instead.

Card was made using the free stickers from the new issue of the do crafts magazine and papermania sweet nothings papers.

Party bags are home bargains brown paper lunch bags with cut out sizzix flowers - that die was such a good investment at £2.50.

They are going to be decorating Asda smartprice t-shirts with fabric paints and then having pizza and chips - all in about £30 for everything including plates and cups so i don't have a huge pile of washing up - Bargain!


Rusty said...

Happy birthday to DD, hope she has a fantastic day. The party bags are beautiful! Well done :) xx

PinkLadyMel said...

I love everything you did, you are such a wonderful mommy. Well done on such a brilliant blog, it is so interesting and you really create some beautiful things.xx

Padster said...

Thanks - it's the first party at home I've ever done - it's only since I've been on MSE and got so much inspiration that I've done this kind of stuff I used to just make the odd card.

Just have to work out how to make a few squids from it to fund my crafting addiction - lol

furrypig said...

I feel hungry looking at the huge mountain of cakes!!
Well done on such a fab party maybe you could offer your services to people as a party organiser.. would be fun , possibly hard work!
Good luck xxx

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