Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Crafty Space

 You may remember that I was evicted from the dining room table and closeted into the spare room when we put our house up for sale.

If you were wondering where I was we finally moved last Monday getting our keys at a very stressful 4:27 when the estate agent who was holding them was closing at 4:30 - fortunately hubby was waiting outside for the phone call so we didn't have a 20 mile trip to do in 3 minutes.

Anyhoo this was my old craft room and by the gods of decorating smiling on me I seem to have ended up with bedroom 3 in our new house mainly as it had a teddy bear border in it and I argued it would be used more than the proper spare room as we didn't want any visitors LOL!

 Desk corner with room to walk right round it
Sorry about the photo but it's a bit bright here today.
In case you were wondering the mini bags on the desk are from Tesco £1 each to support Alzheimers.
 Stash corner
Purple drawers - punches, embossing folders, thin dies and colouring things
White drawers - card blanks, paper pads, Sizzix dies
Cupboard  (formerly Abby's wardrobe) stamps, ribbon, card, glitter, fabric etc
Stitching and singing corner 
Patterns patterns and more patterns, knitting sewing cross-stitching
These mostly used to live in the  conservatory and more recently have been packed away in various boxes round the house.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice there are only 3 corners in my room - no I don't live in a really weird shaped house. The last corner is a bit of a not sure where this goes at the moment so we'll pile it up here and a rather fetching black bag of stuffing and odd stuff.

I'm really really spoilt but hubby said he was really fed up with my "stuff" or some other word beginning with S being all round the house and hey I'm not complaining.

Debbie xx


Ali said...

Ooh lovely craft room - can I come and play - havent been over to MSE lately hadnt realised you had actually moved - hope everything went well and you are setting in xxx

Chrissy said...

Lovely space to play in, and love the teddy bear border...seems so


Sheryl said...

Beautiful new craft room, Debbie! I can picture a lot of creative mojo going on in such a bright and cheerful space!
Warmest Hugs, Sheryl

Sarah said...

I am oh so jealous, a whole room!!! I get the sofa and living room floor, no fair :-( I need to kick a child out so I can take command of their room...hmmmm... x

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