Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pricing help needed...........

Pouch bag - approx 12 inches across
Velcro closure lined purse - approx 5 x 3 inches
Gift Card / Bus Pass / Loyalty card wallet
Mini Sewing Kit

Blue set I made today:
 Top right is a prototype Tissue holder (thank you Karen) and the bag is a fabric version of the Padster bag :c)

I'm going to start making these to sell but have no idea what to charge -
what would you be prepared to pay for a full set, for a set without a bag or for the items individually?
All help gratefully received and orders welcome of course I have loads of fabric is different colours and can always get some more :c)

Debbie xx


Karen said...

Oooo Debbie they are amazing!!! Erm..Kindle phone sock thingy.... no idea on pricing but when you've sold some I'll be along for my commission lol

Karen xx

ps dont forget the co ordinating card and gift tag :-)

Sarah said...

These are just gorgeous! I too have no clue on pricing but if I saw them at a fair I would buy x

Marg said...

These are fab Debbie I have no idea about price but when you have decided I'd like a couple of the tissue holders please. (I have a posh friend who uses those little packets of Kleenex rather than the wodge of Man Size that lurk at the bottom of my handbag!) x

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