Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's Time...............

Said Hartley Hare or was it pig - do you remember Pipkins?
 I've been a bit MIA this past couple of weeks as I've been making teachers presents ready for tall child to finish school plus have been trying to get ahead of myself  before the holidays start.
I've been making some of these.............. sorry for the dodgy photos but I got bored taking them!

It was a real challenge making them all different but have finally made the last one tonight.
I would like to enter the last purple one into the MSE cardmaking challenge - pearls & swirls

And watching some of this..................
It was sports day today (another last thing for me to attend) and Abby was very proud to win 3 firsts - there are obviously some benefits of being 3rd tallest in the school she was especially chuffed with a win in the egg and spoon race. The trophey is for being the best playground friend. Fortunately the rain held off until the final prizes were given out. I really can't believe her time at primary school is almost over and am looking forward to buying the rest of her new school uniform NOT! I've already spent a fortune on the "essential" logo covered kit.


Ali said...

Oh that brings back memories I loved that programme topov and octavia were my favourites!! Love the teachers gifts they look great. Hmm I've got the joy of uniform buying at the weekend as the only shop that sells it (at extortionate prices has got 20% off) so being all MSE lol off we trot xx

qwiksave said...

We're in the uniform buying stage too - its more of a shock for my 11 year old because he never had uniform at his primary school. One of his friend's mums has told me she just bought her son's full kit and it came to £210!!

Well done also to Abby for all her wins.

Those clocks are a good idea for teachers, I've been wondering what to buy or make. Nicky x

dragonllew said...

Wow you have been busy they all look fab

Happy Days said...

Wow you have been busy! Love the purple swirly one.

Well done to your daughter, I hope she enjoys her new school.

Claire x

Karen said...

WOW Debbie what fabulous gifts. I also remember my kids watching Pipkins!! Well done to Abby on all her wins. You must feel really proud of her winning the trophey.

Thank you so much for finding time to enter my Swirls and Pearls Challenge

Karen xxx

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