Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Cat and a Card

I have no idea why Pansy insists on sitting on random things left on the floor but at least it keeps her off my lap lol! Am soooo fed up of having fur fabric clothes :c)
The card was a quicky print it off one from Scrapbooking Mad. It's for my father-in-law whose birthday isn't until the beginning of July but they'll be away on holiday so had to get it in the post pronto! I always try to have a Scottish theme to his cards but after several years am now struggling. According to Google the sentiment means Happy Birthday in Scottish Gaelic (fingers crossed) I'm sure I'll soon find out if says may all your sheep be smelly or something LOL!

We've had a bit of a traumatic week so far - Hubby went back to the Doctors about his diabetes and all his levels had gone up so is now on a gazillion tablets. I had advised him that the doctor was to find him some get up and go as I was fed up with him being less use than a couch potato!!!
Plus in an attempt to declutter the house I cleared out the bottom of the airing cupboard and found a leak from the immersion tank. Typically from the tank and not from a pipe grrrrrr - plumber came today and we're having a new one fitted on Tuesday - OUCH! Least it will be fixed so it won't leak through the ceiling while we're out the house :c)


Happy Days said...

LOL @ your cat - she's a cutie!

Fab card, hope your FIL has a fab day. Also hope your run of bad luck ends. x

Sarah said...

Oh no, hope your OH is ok and the tablets help. Sorry to hear about your water tank :-( Your FIL's card is gorgeous, love the Scottish sentiment x

Marg said...

Gorgeous card Debbie I'm sure he'll love it. Sorry to hear about your DH and immersion tank - hope both are much improved very soon. Love the pic of your cat - ours used to do the same. xx

Cheryl said...

oh hun this is one gorgeous card,sure he will love it,sorry to hear about your DH hun,and hope things improve for you hugs cherylxxxxx

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