Saturday, 14 November 2009

Teacher's xmas pressies

Having struggles with DD's literacy homework for an hour this morning (how do you explain metaphors to a 9 year old) I wasn't really keen to make these but am pleased with how they turned out especially as they only took minutes to do.

Paper is My Mind's Eye Signature Suite, Post it notes from Tesco and Diaries 50p each from £1 shop. The date was stamped with a clever cuts set and embossed.


Rainmac said...

What fantastic presents!!! My son's 'lovely' teacher sent homework home on friday to create a poster or booklet on how we celebrate events in out house. Don't you just love teachers ;-)

Gemma said...

those are lovely padster, haven't seen those MME papers yet, must hunt some down :) xx

furrypig said...

really like those spotty papers! i think you are an expert at diarys now Padster!! They are all fab!

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